The Guide to Hydropower

Closing Thoughts

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We hope you have found this Guide to Hydro Power helpful.  We admit we’ve only scratched the surface of this substantial topic, but we’re happy to discuss your hydro project in detail when appropriate. 

As you’ve seen, the concepts behind hydro power are simple.  Water turns a turbine, the turbine spins a generator, and electricity comes out the other side.  Even a novice with little or no experience could produce some hydroelectricity – given enough water power.

Canyon Hydro technician inspecting Pelton wheel

All Canyon Hydro turbines are carefully inspected before shipping.

But we’ve also emphasized efficiency and durability – getting the most power for your hard-earned money.  Unless you have much more water than you need, you’ll want to squeeze every possible watt out of your stream.  You will also want a rock-solid system that continues delivering reliable power year after year.  Not surprisingly, the systems we build at Canyon Hydro live up to the standards we emphasize throughout this Guide

We have to admit, we love hydro.  We take great satisfaction in finding new ways to make hydro-electric generation easier and more practical.  For more than 35 years, we’ve continually improved our turbine designs and system components.  Canyon Hydro systems are remarkably efficient and highly reliable; the systems we installed 35 years ago are still running today.  Perhaps that’s why Canyon Hydro systems, from 5Kw to 10MW and beyond, are producing reliable electrical power all over the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Guide to Hydro Power.  If we can be of help with your hydro project, please contact us.



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