Hydro Systems for Utilities & IPPs

Designed for maximum efficiency and reliability

Hydroelectric systems from Canyon Hydro deliver exceptionally high efficiency and reliability.  Built for continuous, uninterrupted power generation, they deliver a high return on your investment year after year.

Located in Honduras, this 12,000 kW system features two Canyon Hydro Pelton-style turbines, operating under 370 meters (1,214 feet) net head.

Over the past few decades, the Canyon Hydro brand has become one of the most respected in the industry, based on two simple advantages:

  1. Premium quality
  2. Superb customer service

For example, each Canyon Hydro turbine is custom-designed for a specific site, resulting in greater water-to-wire efficiency than off-the-shelf components.  We follow through by selecting only high quality alloys and components for our systems, insisting on meticulous workmanship during fabrication, and a dedication to the success of our customers' projects.

All of our design and manufacturing facilities, including our newest CNC fabrication plant, are located in the United States.

Turbines Designed Specifically for your Project

The heart of a hydro system is the turbine, where power is extracted from your water.  Efficiency is critical here, because every small gain - or loss - directly affects your profit margin.

This 910kW Francis-style turbine is located in Wyoming USA and operates under 42.7 meters (140 feet) net head.

At Canyon Hydro, our engineers are committed to maximum efficiency, which is why we don't offer "standard" systems that have been averaged to service a wide variety of installations.  Each Canyon turbine is individually designed to match the specific hydraulic characteristics of the site.  Your turbine will be carefully engineered to match your head, flow, penstock and other site considerations.  The difference in power output is measureable, and the cost may be less than you expect.

Superior Design and Workmanship

Throughout the design and manufacture of your turbine, Canyon Hydro maintains meticulous attention to quality.

The process begins with computer modeling to determine the optimum turbine characteristics for your site.  Each turbine is then designed, with critical elements validated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods.  Manufacturing drawings are produced in-house and reviewed by engineers and production supervisors.  Final design drawings are provided to you in hardcopy and CAD format to facilitate your powerhouse design.

All of this adds up to highly efficient, extremely durable hydraulic turbines capable of delivering many years of reliable power generation.

A Response Team to Back You Up

With proper maintenance, a Canyon turbine will provide dependable service for decades.  If a problem does arise, you have the best support team in the business to back you up.

System availability is Canyon's highest priority.  If your hydro system should fail – whether or not Canyon Hydro built it – recovery takes priority over all other Canyon projects.  Replacement parts are air-shipped and, if necessary, senior engineers will fly on-site to help resolve the problem. 

Rapid response is possible because you rarely have to wait for Canyon to order parts from third-party suppliers.  With the exception of foundry castings, Canyon Hydro manufactures all of its own turbine components.  

The Canyon Commitment to Project Success

Canyon Hydro designed and delivered the complete water-to-wire equipment package for this 540kW system, located near the base of Pike's Peak in Colorado. It operates under a net head of 209 meters (686 feet).

See more photos in the Project Gallery.

When you specify a Canyon Hydro system, you also get a highly experienced partner committed to the success of your project.

We've been building hydropower systems for more than 30 years, and been closely involved with hundreds of projects.  We’ll work closely with you, assisting with site planning and design, and suggest improvements or alternatives based on our experience.  We can help identify ways to accelerate your project, improve efficiency, and ensure uninterrupted power production.

Canyon Hydro only builds hydro systems , which gives us the focused expertise to get the details right and still be price competitive.  That's why Canyon is able to provide custom-designed turbines, prompt delivery, and unmatched customer service for about what you'd expect to pay for a general-purpose system.

Most of all, we love what we do.  Canyon Hydro is a highly skilled team who, for four generations, has believed that quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are their highest priorities.


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